Medical Part One

God is the source of Life, Health and Healing

Skimmer Version–Just the main points for those of you who won’t take the time to read the whole article.

• God is the source of Life, Health and Healing. A simple word study of scripture using will show this to be true
• We have adopted a naturalistic world view that sees illness and health in terms of physiology and germs.
• Doctors not God have become the go to solution for health problems
• We must adopt a Christian World View that puts God back in the center.
• Future articles on this subject will give a deeper understanding.

The Full Article

I have been sick for the last couple of weeks. It has been a strange illness consisting of a slight fever and extreme fatigue along with a half dozen of other random symptoms. Last week at church people came up to me and asked two questions in this order. “How are you feeling?” To which I respond, “I am doing better, but I am still extremely tired.” Their next question was always, “Have you been to the doctor?”
I find it funny that as Christians we think that doctors heal us. It is clear from scripture that God gives life health and healing. In the Old Testament persons went to the Temple for various medical examinations. In Deuteronomy the Children of Israel are promised that if they follow God’s Law they will not experience any of the diseases that they had in Egypt. In the Gospels people flocked to Jesus to be healed. Later in the Book of Acts sick people lined the streets in hopes that Peter’s shadow would fall on them and they would be healed.
I understand that these were miraculous healings and were given as evidence that Jesus and the Apostles were messengers of God. These types of healings are the exception and should not necessarily be seen as God’s normal way of dealing with us. But still the basic understanding is that God heals. In James the instruction is that if you are ill call for the elders, confess your sins and they will pray for you and you will be healed.
Of course there were doctors in the Bible and there are many subtle references to medicines, oils, balms and other healing agents, but those are all secondary to God.

What has happened to us? It seems that after the advent of germ theory that we have increasingly viewed illness in purely biological terms. That is not the Biblical view. In the Bible illness or health is primarily a spiritual condition with physical manifestations. In a Christian World View  Germs are not the cause of disease, rather germs are part of a complex set of physical mechanism  which affect health. If we were only physical beings then the physiological chemistry would be the whole story. But we are not just physical beings. We are much more. We are body and spirit, or body, soul and spirit. The physical is only one part.

What has happened is that we have taken on a naturalistic world view. We view medicine in terms of body chemistry and we go to doctors to give us a chemical solution. Doctors have replaced God. We don’t expect God to heal. We have no faith that God can or will heal us. I am as guilty as anyone. I make a superficial prayer that God will heal me. I have faith that God can heal me, but I have no expectation that He actually will. I fully expect my illness to run its natural course as if I live in a naturalistic world, without God’s intervention. Isn’t that the way we approach illness. We take a purely naturalistic view point. Illness is the effect of germs or chemical imbalances. If we take the right types of medications they will kill the germs and we will return to normal health. Or we need some other medications to bring our bodies back into normal balance. We place all of our faith in doctors and medicine.
We have turned everything on its head. The process goes like this. We get some small symptoms of an illness. At first we may see if it gets worse, but more often we run to the drug store to try to get an over the counter medication to head off the illness. Maybe if I take some Echinacea, Airborne or some other remedy. If that doesn’t work then we go to the doctor. He/she will prescribe some drugs and usually in a week or two we are back to normal. If it is a more serious illness we go through extensive treatments. If the treatments fail and the doctors are running out of options, then we call for the Church Elders.
When all else fails—PRAY.
Isn’t that the opposite of what we should do? We should begin with prayer. We should have some expectation of healing, supernatural or natural. We should examine ourselves to see it there is some sin in our lives. We should examine our spiritual state to see if there is something out of balance there that is affecting us physically. These are the things that need to be dealt with first in the same way that Jesus said to the paralytic, “Your sins are forgiven you.” Before He said to him, “Rise up and walk.” Of course sometimes it is as simple as the environment and germs. God designed our bodies to heal themselves. Often we just need to let our bodies do what they were designed to do.
I am not suggesting that we stop going to doctors. I am suggesting that we get our perspective straight. No doctor has ever healed anyone, only God heals. We need to turn to God first. We need to acknowledge Him as the giver of life, health and healing. We need to place our faith in Him. We need to acknowledge doctors for what they are, agents of God, who occasionally assist in God’s healing process. I wonder how your doctor would respond if you told him that. We need to stop attributing god like qualities to doctors and medicines. Doctors do not preform wonders. There are no miracle drugs. Miracles are the realm of God and no one else.
What do you think? If Americans really had faith in God would we stop being so worried about our health? If we saw God as the key to our healing would we be so worried about our healthcare system? I think our obsession with health care is a clear indication that we have turned away from God and have placed our faith elsewhere.

1 thought on “Medical Part One

  1. Terri Blazell-Wayson

    Hi Duane, I’ve had similar thoughts about your topic myself. I’ve really struggled with whether I should go to a dr. for any illness. Does that mean I lack faith in God? Here is what I’ve concluded after much prayer and meditation. God created our bodies to be understood. With the right study and training, many of the things that ail us can be figured out and cures developed. We live in a country where we are priviledged to have health care. I believe God expects us to avail ourselves of this. I hear of many missionary stories of miraculous healings in countries where there is limited or no medical care. We have doctors, God expects us to use those doctors, He put us in a place and position to have access to them. Where there are none, God extends His miracles.

    Think of it in terms of food. We would not sit in our homes starving to death, crying out to God to miraculously provide food. We live in a country where it is abundant. He expects us to earn the money and go buy it. But in a place where this is not possible, God provides through miracles.

    What do you think?


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