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War on Women

The Affordable Healthcare Act (Obama care) mandated that corporations provide comprehensive health care insurance coverage for their employees. The coverage was to include birth control devices and contraception; including the “morning after pill”, a pill that does not prevent pregnancy but rather induces an abortion. Hobby Lobby and other organizations object to the U.S. Government forcing them to pay for abortions through their health care insurance. Their objections are based on their religious belief that life is sacred.
On June 30th the United States Supreme Court published their opinion in the case. They ruled that a closely held corporation could not be required to pay for potentially life terminating drugs or devices. The case involved four specific drugs/devices.
The response from Hillary Clinton and others has been outrage, claiming that women’s rights are being trampled upon. Some have characterized it as a War on Women. The media has been all over it.
Today the Senate was set to vote if they should pursue amending the Religious Liberties Restoration Act to specifically not include corporations, so that the owners of Hobby Lobby could not hold Christian values as part of their conducting business.
To me this is simply amazing on so many different levels. To begin with there is the growth in what are considered “rights”. During the founding of our country we had ten amendments added to the Constitution acknowledging specific rights, the first of which is the “freedom of religion”. In recent years there has been a whole host of new rights: the right to privacy, reproductive rights, right to a government paid education, the right to health care and on and on. In 1973 the Supreme Court decided Roe vs. Wade which established the right to an abortion. At that time the right was unobstructed during the first trimester of pregnancy, could be regulated during the second trimester and could be outlawed altogether during the third trimester. Later that “right” to an abortion has been expanded to include all nine months of pregnancy. Now under Obama care we have a new right. A woman not only has the right to kill her unborn child but now she has the “right” to force others to supply the drugs to make it happen. A few months ago before Obama care this right didn’t exist. If a woman wanted an abortion she could get one. If she wanted a morning after pill she could go to the doctor and get one. If she could not afford it she could walk into a Planned Parenthood Clinic and get it (paid for by hundreds of millions of U.S. tax payers’ dollars).
So Hobby Lobby spent a fortune to defend themselves against a law designed to set aside their freedom of religion in order to enforce a new right of having others pay for your abortion inducing drugs. AMAZING!!!
And somehow this is a “War on Women”. How is it that paying for employee’s medical care is an assault on them? Allowing them to choose every type of contraceptive known to man except four is a “War on Women”. Amazing!!!
There is a war going on here but it is not a War on Women, rather it is a War on Christian Values. There is an outright attack on Christians and especially Christians in business. There appears to be an attempt to suppress Christians. You can be a Christian in name only, if there is any inkling that your Christian values should extend beyond the walls of your home or Church building then you must be stopped. Some would want to disqualify you from holding public office, running a business, or speaking publicly about your beliefs. AMAZING!!!
It seems that everyone can claim a new right but the freedoms on which our country was founded are no longer valued or defended.