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We watched the movie the new Divergent last night. My purpose here is not to critique the movie as much as to look at the underlining story or philosophy.
It seems like there is always a story or movie out there about someone or some group engineering a utopia. These started way back with the ancient Greek philosophers and have continued on to today. There are some clear underlying ideas here. One is that there is an understanding that the world is a messed up place. It seems that everyone believes in their soul that the world is not the way it should be and there should be some way to fix it or to just start all over again. So we have all of these ideas as to what is needed to create the perfect society. In the more recent movies like Hunger Games and Divergent there is another theme. It is that all of these attempts at a perfect society fail. In some cases flaws in the system set it up for failure from the very beginning. In other cases that new society begins well but then deteriorates in some unforeseen way. Eventually it spirals out of control.
In the case of Hunger Games and Divergent the system is horrendously flawed and a unique individual rises to a position where they can change things. But the change in these cases means bringing down the corrupt system. The unrecognized problem is that this does not solve the problem. All it does is to clear the land and set the stage for a new attempt to create a new utopia based on a new set of ideas. But the basic ingredients in the recipe have not changed. The fly in the ointment is us—human beings.
It seems that no matter how good the idea or the structure; corrupt humans, corrupt the system. No matter what hero arises to fix the system, given time, it will still fall apart again.
This is quite a dilemma. We recognize that the world is not what it should be. We try repeatedly to fix the system, but no matter what we do, we fail. On closer analysis we see that we are the problem. Our savior cannot be just another human; He must be more.
Jesus seems to be the answer. He is human and can live and function in our world. He can relate with us and to us. But He is so much more; He is God and is not limited by our fragilities and our bent toward self-destruction. He does not just deliver us from a corrupt system and propose a new one. His goal is not just to deliver us but to transform us. Jesus offers us the ability to replace our sinful nature with His righteous nature. There is even more. He will eventually recreate the heavens and the earth and restore them to the perfect state that we all imagine they should be.
That is the solution we are looking for.